Roaring Through the Alps: The 10 Best Motorcycle Tours in Liechtenstein

  • Posted 7 months ago
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Liechtenstein, a tiny but stunningly beautiful country in the center of Europe, provides a motorcycle experience unlike any other. It’s no surprise that motorcycle aficionados swarm to this undiscovered gem for spectacular riding trips with its winding mountain routes, stunning Alpine landscape, and rich cultural legacy. We’ll examine the top ten motorbike excursions in Liechtenstein in this article, which will leave you speechless and itching for more.

The Grand Tour of the Principality

Starting our list is the Grand Tour of the Principality. This 50-mile loop takes you through the heart of Liechtenstein, passing by historic castles, charming villages, and the picturesque capital city, Vaduz. The winding roads and scenic beauty make it a must-ride for any motorcycling enthusiast.

Alpine Passes Paradise

For those seeking a bit more adrenaline, the Alpine Passes Paradise tour is a dream come true. This tour takes you on a thrilling ride through the Swiss Alps, exploring iconic passes like Julier, Maloja, and Albula. The twisty roads and stunning vistas are bound to make your heart race.

Border Hopping: Liechtenstein to Austria

One of the perks of Liechtenstein’s compact size is its proximity to neighboring countries. This tour allows you to ride through the Austrian Alps and experience the best of both worlds. From Liechtenstein to Austria, you’ll encounter serene lakes, lush meadows, and the legendary Großglockner High Alpine Road.

Vaduz to the Rhine Falls

For a day filled with spectacular natural wonders, ride from Vaduz to the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. This tour takes you through the Rhine Valley, past charming villages and lush vineyards before arriving at Europe’s largest waterfall – the Rhine Falls. It’s a day of stunning scenery and exhilarating riding.

The Castle Circuit

Liechtenstein is home to several stunning castles, and the Castle Circuit takes you to the best of them. Ride through the principality, visiting castles like Vaduz Castle and Gutenberg Castle while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the Rhine Valley.

Malbun Mountain Excursion

The Malbun Mountain Excursion is perfect for riders who crave the alpine experience. This tour winds its way up to Malbun, a picturesque mountain resort. You’ll ride through dense forests, cross crystal-clear streams, and enjoy the serene beauty of this alpine paradise.

Vaduz to Davos

This tour combines Liechtenstein’s beauty with a taste of Switzerland’s world-famous luxury. The ride from Vaduz to Davos takes you through pristine valleys and over alpine passes, with the town of Davos offering a charming blend of alpine architecture and world-class amenities.

From Lake Constance to the Principality

Lake Constance, located just a stone’s throw from Liechtenstein, provides a stunning backdrop for a ride. Begin your journey along the shores of the lake before heading into Liechtenstein, and experience the transition from the water’s edge to the heights of the Alps.

The Three Countries Loop

The Three Countries Loop is a unique experience, as it takes you through Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria in one ride. Enjoy the diverse landscapes, cultures, and cuisines of these neighboring nations while exploring charming villages and scenic mountain roads.

Liechtenstein’s Hidden Gems

Our final recommendation takes you on a quest to discover Liechtenstein’s hidden gems. This self-guided tour leads you to lesser-known attractions and roads off the beaten path. It’s a journey of exploration and adventure for the true motorcycle explorer.


Despite its diminutive size, Liechtenstein is a formidable destination for motorcycle touring. The Principality has everything to offer any rider, including meandering mountain roads, beautiful landscapes, historical castles, and tranquil lakes. You may fully realize the potential of this undiscovered jewel in the center of Europe by taking one of these ten motorbike excursions. So be ready for an exciting motorcycle experience in Liechtenstein and get on the road!

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