Riding Paradise: The 10 Best Motorcycle Tours in Gabon

  • Posted 8 months ago
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Few locations on Earth can compare to Gabon’s breathtaking natural beauty and varied landscapes when it comes to motorcycle excursions. Although this tiny country in Central Africa may not be the first place that comes to bikers’ minds, it is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Gabon offers it all, including verdant rainforests, immaculate coasts, and national parks teeming with wildlife. We’ll take you on an exciting trip of the top ten motorcycle tours in Gabon in this article.

Coastal Cruise

Start your adventure with a scenic ride along Gabon’s picturesque coastline. The Atlantic Ocean stretches out before you as you navigate the winding roads that hug the shoreline. With the sound of the waves crashing and the salty breeze in your hair, you’ll experience a true sense of freedom.

Lopé National Park

Venture inland to Lopé National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a sanctuary for diverse wildlife. As you ride through the dense rainforest, keep an eye out for gorillas, forest elephants, and a plethora of bird species. It’s a true immersion into Gabon’s natural wonders.

Ivindo National Park

Take on the challenge of a ride to Ivindo National Park, home to one of Africa’s most spectacular waterfalls, the Kongou Falls. The journey through dense forests and rugged terrain is worth it when you witness the breathtaking beauty of this natural wonder.

Loango National Park

Loango National Park offers a unique experience where you can ride through savannas, wetlands, and mangroves while spotting hippos, crocodiles, and elephants. The park also boasts pristine beaches where you can relax and take in the coastal beauty.

Ogooué River

Follow the Ogooué River as it winds its way through the heart of Gabon. This route will introduce you to the local culture and provide a chance to visit charming villages along the riverbanks.

Pongara National Park

Head west to Pongara National Park, where you can explore lush forests, hike to viewpoints, and enjoy encounters with monkeys and other wildlife. The park also features pristine beaches and offers a tranquil atmosphere for riders seeking relaxation.

Libreville City Tour

While Gabon is known for its natural beauty, don’t forget to explore the capital city, Libreville. Take a city tour on your bike and discover the unique blend of modernity and culture that characterizes the city.

Haut-Ogooué Region

Explore the southeastern Haut-Ogooué region, known for its rolling hills, coffee plantations, and traditional villages. This area offers a glimpse into Gabon’s rich cultural heritage and agricultural traditions.


Ride to Omboué, a coastal town known for its historic lighthouse and serene beaches. It’s an ideal stop for a relaxing break during your motorcycle tour.


End your Gabonese adventure in Makokou, where you can explore caves, hike through pristine forests, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people.


With its breathtaking natural scenery, varied animals, and friendly people, Gabon is an underappreciated travel destination for motorbike fans. You’ll embark on an incredible journey across this African beauty with one of these 10 motorcycle tours. So get ready for the trip of a lifetime to Gabon by buckling up and revving your engines. The road is calling, and Gabon is ready to be discovered while riding a bicycle.

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