Riding Free: The Best 10 Motorcycle Tours in North Macedonia

  • Posted 7 months ago
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North Macedonia may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering motorcycle riding, but this undiscovered jewel of the Balkans has much to offer travelers looking for adventure, stunning scenery, and a taste of real Balkan culture. North Macedonia is a motorcycle enthusiast’s dream come true, with scenic lakeside routes and meandering mountain roads just waiting to be discovered. The top ten motorbike excursions in North Macedonia that guarantee lifelong memories and amazing experiences are included in this post.

Lake Ohrid Loop

We begin our list with Lake Ohrid, one of the most well-known locations in North Macedonia. With breathtaking views of Lake Ohrid and the surrounding mountains, this path circles the immaculate lake. It’s the ideal fusion of scenic beauty and cultural discovery, with picturesque villages and old monasteries along the way.

Galichnik’s Mountain Adventure

It is essential to take the Galichnik Mountain route if you are looking for a more difficult journey. This excursion, which is offered in the western portion of the nation, provides an exhilarating ride along winding mountain roads with breathtaking views of the Mavrovo National Park.

Pelister National Park Tour

Explore the breathtaking Prespa Lake and the natural splendor of Pelister National Park. This excursion will take you up into the high mountain peaks, across immaculate lakeshores, and through lush forests. Along this journey, you can also visit the well-known city of Bitola.

Vodno Mountain Run

The Vodno Mountain, which is close to Skopje, the capital city, provides panoramic views of the city and a picturesque ride for a shorter day excursion. Vodno Mountain has a rideable summit where the enormous Millennium Cross is located.

Tikvesh Wine Route

Take a tour of the Tikvesh Wine Route and combine your passion for wine with motorcycles. You’ll see vineyards, taste regional wines, and take in the tranquil countryside. Remember to stop by the Tikvesh Winery for a unique experience.

Kratovo and Matka Canyon

On this journey, you will visit Kratovo, a historic village renowned for its stone bridges and architecture. Proceed towards Matka Canyon, where you can tour historic cave churches and take a riverboat trip.

Mavrovo Lake Scenic Ride

The Mavrovo area is a naturalist’s dream come true. Take a ride along Mavrovo Lake’s shoreline, which is encircled by mountains and lush trees. Visit the Mavrovo Ski Resort to experience the splendor of the mountains.

Struga and the Black Drin River

Take a ride to the charming village of Struga, which is situated near Lake Ohrid. Explore the stunning Black Drin River Canyon from there, which has amazing riding paths and wonderful vistas.

Berovo Lakes and Monastery

Berovo is a small village renowned for the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael and its peaceful lakes. With this tour, you may cycle across the area’s picturesque scenery while taking in its peace and quiet.

Kriva Palanka’s Hidden Treasures

The town of Kriva Palanka, which has a rich history and lovely surroundings, is our final suggestion. Discover the Osogovo Monastery and take in the winding roads that take you through verdant mountain and forest scenery.


Although it might not be the most well-liked travel destination for motorcycle aficionados, North Macedonia is undoubtedly worth adding to your list of places to ride. The top ten motorbike tours in North Macedonia provide a variety of experiences, from easygoing lakeside rides to strenuous mountainous journeys. So get your kit and prepare to ride your motorcycle through the undiscovered beauty of the Balkans and make lifelong memories.

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