Riding Free: The 10 Best Motorcycle Tours in Estonia

  • Posted 8 months ago
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Estonia is a hidden gem for motorcycle aficionados with its beautiful scenery, twisting roads, and rich history. This Baltic beauty, which can be found in Northern Europe’s Baltic region, gives visitors a singular fusion of scenic beauty and charming culture. Look no further than Estonia for your upcoming motorcycling adventure. The best 10 motorbike trips in Estonia that guarantee an amazing two-wheeled tour of this breathtaking nation are revealed in this article.

Tallinn to Pärnu: Coastal Cruise (230 km)

Start your Estonian motorcycle adventure in the capital city of Tallinn and head southwest to the coastal town of Pärnu. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty of the Baltic Sea as you wind through charming coastal villages and pine forests.

Lahemaa National Park Loop (190 km)

Experience the wild side of Estonia by exploring Lahemaa National Park. This loop takes you through pristine forests, along stunning coastlines, and to historical manor houses. Don’t forget to stop by the picturesque Altja fishing village.

Haapsalu Castle and Islands (270 km)

Ride along the western coast to visit the enchanting Haapsalu Castle and then hop on a ferry to explore Estonia’s many islands. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are must-visit destinations for their unique culture and beautiful landscapes.

Tartu and Lake Peipsi (300 km)

Head east to Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city, known for its vibrant cultural scene and historical significance. From there, continue to Lake Peipsi, the fourth-largest lake in Europe, where you can indulge in local fish dishes.

Otepää and Southern Estonia (240 km)

Known as the “Estonian Switzerland,” Otepää and the surrounding area offer stunning hilly terrain and pristine lakes, making it a paradise for bikers. Explore the region’s natural beauty and quaint villages.

The Võru Loop (220 km)

Võru is a cozy town located in southeastern Estonia. This loop takes you through the beautiful Haanja Nature Park, home to the highest peak in the Baltics, Suur Munamägi, and some breathtaking lakes.

Setomaa Cultural Ride (260) km

Experience the unique culture of the Seto people by taking a ride through the Setomaa region, located in southeastern Estonia. Discover traditional Seto villages, beautiful landscapes, and delicious local food.

Alutaguse Adventure (200 km)

Venture to the northeastern part of Estonia and explore Alutaguse, known for its rugged beauty and pristine wilderness. Enjoy the solitude of dense forests, bogs, and wildlife.

Coastal Cliffs of Paldiski (160 km)

Head west from Tallinn to Paldiski and explore the coastal cliffs and Soviet-era military relics. This ride offers a fascinating mix of history and natural beauty.

Viru Bog and Käsmu Peninsula (180 km)

Explore the Viru Bog, a unique natural wonder with a wooden boardwalk that takes you through this mystical landscape. Continue to the Käsmu Peninsula, known as the “Captain’s Village,” for a glimpse of Estonia’s maritime history.


Although Estonia may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering a motorbike tour, its varied landscapes, extensive history, and welcoming residents make it a must-see for riders looking for a memorable adventure. With a variety of motorcycle excursions to suit any rider’s preferences, Estonia offers everything from the Baltic coast to pristine wilderness and quaint villages. Get ready to enjoy the pleasure of riding through the best motorcycle tours in Estonia by getting ready, getting on your bike, and doing so. Your upcoming amazing voyage is here!

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