Rev Up Your Adventure: The Best 10 Motorcycle Tours in El Salvador

  • Posted 8 months ago
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El Salvador may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about motorcycle touring. However, for riders looking for exhilarating rides, breathtaking landscapes, and a taste of lively culture, this tiny Central American nation is a hidden gem. El Salvador offers some of the best motorcycle touring opportunities in the region thanks to its varied topography, twisting roads, and friendly population. The top 10 motorcycle tours in El Salvador that will send riders racing are covered in this article.

Ruta de Las Flores

Starting in the colonial town of Santa Ana, the Ruta de Las Flores takes you through a picturesque route lined with vibrant flowers, waterfalls, and artisan villages. This leisurely ride is perfect for riders who want to soak in El Salvador’s natural beauty.

The Litoral Route

Hug the coast along the Litoral Route, which stretches along the Pacific Ocean. You’ll encounter stunning beaches, fishing villages, and plenty of seafood to savor along the way.

Ruta de Las Paz

For a more spiritual experience, the Ruta de Las Paz offers visits to sacred sites, including the El Mozote Memorial and the Catedral de la Divina Providencia. This route combines history, culture, and scenic rides.

Apaneca Highland Tour

Head into the heart of the country with the Apaneca Highland Tour. Discover coffee plantations, volcanoes, and charming towns like Apaneca and Juayúa. Don’t miss the famous Ruta de las Flores during this ride.

The Volcano Challenge

El Salvador is home to numerous volcanoes, and the Volcano Challenge is for the daring. Ride up the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano and witness the stunning turquoise waters of Coatepeque Lake in the crater.

The Eastern Highlands

Explore the lush greenery of the Eastern Highlands, which are teeming with coffee farms and breathtaking vistas. The journey takes you through towns like San Miguel and La Unión, showcasing the country’s eastern beauty.

Joya de Cerén and San Andrés Ruins

Combine history and adventure on this tour that includes visits to the UNESCO-listed Joya de Cerén archaeological site and the San Andrés ruins. These tours provide a glimpse into El Salvador’s ancient past.

The Colonial Route

Take a step back in time by riding through El Salvador’s colonial towns such as Suchitoto and Concepción de Ataco. The cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and historical sites make for a unique experience.

El Tunco Surf and Sun

If you’re a surfer and a motorcycle enthusiast, this tour is your dream come true. Enjoy the waves of El Tunco Beach and the vibrant nightlife while exploring the coastal roads on your bike.

Border to Border

For the ultimate El Salvadorian adventure, embark on the Border to Border tour, which takes you from Honduras to Guatemala. Experience the full spectrum of landscapes, cultures, and cuisines this country has to offer.

Make sure your motorcycle is in excellent condition before starting any motorcycle tours in El Salvador, and pay attention to local traffic laws and safety ordinances. Spend some time talking to the welcoming folks, enjoying the delectable Salvadorian cuisine, and getting lost in the vibrant nation’s rich culture.

In conclusion, El Salvador may not be the most well-known place to travel by motorbike, but it should be on every rider’s bucket list. These top 10 motorbike excursions provide something for every explorer, from volcanic vistas and historical riches to coastal roads and lava fields. So get ready to ride your motorcycle across El Salvador’s scenic landscape as you lace on your gear, start your engines, and prepare to be awed.

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