Exploring the Uncharted: 10 Epic Motorcycle Tours in North Korea

  • Posted 7 months ago
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The Pacific Coast Highway, the rough terrain of the Himalayas, or the broad highways of Route 66 are frequently the first places that come to mind when we think about motorcycle journeys. But what about a location that exudes intrigue and mystery? For motorcyclists, North Korea, a mysterious nation, provides an exciting and different environment. We’ll take you on an exciting trip of North Korea’s top ten motorbike tours in this article.

Pyongyang to Kaesong

We took a taxi from Pyongyang’s capital to the ancient city of Kaesong to start our first adventure. You can get a sense of rural life in the nation as you travel through charming villages, verdant farmlands, and rolling hills. The DMZ and the Koryo Museum in Kaesong, which is home to a rich cultural legacy, will be open for your visitation.

Mt. Myohyang

Take a motorcycle journey to Mt. Myohyang to experience the peace of North Korea’s verdant surroundings. There are peaceful Buddhist monasteries and immaculate woodlands along the route to this gorgeous peak. You can take in the breathtaking views and peruse the International Friendship Exhibition, which houses a variety of presents given to North Korea’s leaders, at the summit.

Chilbosan Mountains

Visit the untamed Chilbosan Mountains for an off-road experience. Those who enjoy a challenge will adore this tour. You’ll go through this wild area on rocky and steep routes, seeing plenty of wildlife and crystal-clear lakes and waterfalls along the way.

Wonsan Coastal Route

Take a ride around the breathtaking seashore of the east coast port city of Wonsan. Along the way, you’ll be able to see beautiful views of the East Sea, sandy beaches, and the Songdowon International Children’s Camp.

Hamhung to Kumgangsan

Visit Kumgangsan, which is renowned for its striking granite peaks, verdant woods, and glistening rivers, after departing from Hamhung. This journey will be remembered since it winds through the mountains and passes by historic temples and spectacular waterfalls.

Nampo to Sariwon

You pass through some of North Korea’s most gorgeous landscapes on the journey from Nampo to Sariwon. Along the journey, you can see Sariwon, a quaint city, and the West Sea Barrage, a monument to the nation’s engineering skills.

Chongjin to Hoeryong

North Korea’s northeast offers a very different environment. From Chongjin to Hoeryong, you’ll see tranquil lakes, thick forests, and stops at Kim Jong-suk’s childhood house and the Hoeryong Revolutionary History Museum, which offer insights into the nation’s past.

Rason Special Economic Zone

Experience the distinctive Rason Special Economic Zone, which provides a more liberal and market-oriented environment than the remainder of North Korea. Take in the views of the seaside as you visit the Rajin Port and browse the neighborhood markets.

Haeju to Sinchon

This tour takes you to Haeju and Sinchon, offering a glimpse into the nation’s agricultural heartland. Ride through terraced rice paddies and witness the local way of life. Don’t forget to visit the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities to gain insight into the country’s history.

The Paektusan Plateau

The breathtaking Paektusan Plateau, the home of Mt. Paektu, the sacred peak of the Korean people, is the grand conclusion of North Korea’s motorbike excursions. This area’s fabled significance adds to the area’s harsh landscape and dense woodlands, making it a very exciting trip.


Motorbike excursions in North Korea provide an exciting and different way to see this long-mysterious nation. Although these trips offer an exciting experience, it’s crucial to keep in mind that visiting North Korea necessitates rigorous respect for local rules and regulations. Furthermore, in light of the present political atmosphere, it’s imperative to remain up to date on current events and potential travel restrictions.

Riding a bicycle across North Korea could be the thrill of a lifetime if you’re an adventurous person with a strong sense of adventure. These motorbike trips offer the chance to visit a side of North Korea that few have seen, along with deep cultural and historical immersion in addition to breathtaking scenery. Thus, prepare and get in gear.

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