Epic Adventures Await: The 10 Best Motorcycle Tours in Iraq

  • Posted 7 months ago
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Few locations on Earth can compare to Iraq’s beautiful landscapes and rich history when it comes to motorcycle touring. This sometimes neglected location is a treasure for adventure-seeking riders, offering everything from the towering Kurdistan highlands to the historic ruins of Babylon. We’ll take you on an exciting trip of the top 10 motorcycle tours in Iraq in this post, displaying the splendor and diversity of this amazing nation.

Kurdistan’s Majestic Peaks

Our journey begins in Iraqi Kurdistan, a region known for its rugged terrain and stunning mountain vistas. The tour takes you through the picturesque landscapes of the Zagros Mountains, offering challenging rides and opportunities for exploration. Don’t miss a visit to Rawanduz, a charming town perched on the cliffs with breathtaking views.

The Mesopotamian Adventure

For history enthusiasts, a ride along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is a must. Explore the ancient ruins of Babylon, Ur, and the ziggurat of Ur-Nammu. This tour is a captivating blend of history and adventure, providing a unique perspective on Iraq’s past.

The Golden Dunes of Anbar

Anbar Province is home to the mesmerizing Qadisiyah Reservoir and vast desert dunes. The tour through this region offers endless opportunities for off-roading and camping under the stars. Experience the magic of the desert as you ride through the golden sands of Anbar.

Basra’s Coastal Charm

The port city of Basra offers a different kind of adventure, with its vibrant culture and stunning coastal landscapes. Ride along the Shatt al-Arab waterway and discover the city’s historic sites and bustling markets. Don’t forget to savor Basra’s renowned cuisine, including fresh seafood and date sweets.

The Road to Najaf

Najaf is one of Iraq’s holiest cities and a remarkable destination for bikers. The journey here takes you through the heart of Iraq, offering a glimpse of everyday life and the chance to explore ancient shrines and mosques. The road to Najaf is a spiritual and cultural odyssey.

The Mystical Marshlands

Explore the unique and otherworldly landscapes of the Mesopotamian Marshes. This tour offers an opportunity to witness the traditional Ma’dan way of life, complete with houses made of reeds. The waterways and floating gardens are a sight to behold, making this trip a photographer’s dream.

Erbil’s Modern Contrasts

The capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil, is a city of contrasts, where ancient history meets modern development. Explore the historic citadel and then cruise through the bustling streets of the city. The blend of tradition and progress is a captivating experience.

Sulaymaniyah’s Cultural Haven

Sulaymaniyah is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. This tour takes you through the city’s galleries, museums, and markets. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and the chance to engage with local artists and intellectuals.

The Highway to Kirkuk

Kirkuk’s diverse population and rich history make it an intriguing destination. This journey offers a glimpse into the coexistence of various ethnic and religious groups in the region. Explore the city’s markets and historic sites, and enjoy the warmth of the locals.

The Cross-Border Adventure

For the most intrepid bikers, consider a cross-border adventure into neighboring Iran. Experience the culture, cuisine, and landscapes of both countries on a thrilling journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


Iraq is a wonderful place to go by motorcycle because of its varied landscapes, fascinating history, and kind people. Every style of rider can find an adventure, whether it be touring the antiquated ruins of Babylon or traversing the untamed mountains of Kurdistan. So get ready, hit the road, and take one of these incredible motorcycle tours to explore Iraq’s hidden gems. Your upcoming fantastic journey is here!

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