Discovering the Hidden Gems: Road Touring in Georgia

  • Posted 8 months ago
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Georgia, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is a region of diverse landscapes, rich history, and kind people. While it may not be the first place that springs to mind when planning a road trip, it is a hidden gem for tourists looking for a one-of-a-kind and authentic experience. In this blog, we’ll take you on a tour across Georgia’s scenic highways, where every turn reveals a new surprise and every mile reveals a bit of its engaging culture.

Tbilisi: Where the Journey Begins

Your road tour adventure in Georgia usually begins in its vibrant capital, Tbilisi. This city is a blend of modernity and tradition, with its historic Old Town juxtaposed against contemporary architecture. Spend a day or two exploring the narrow streets, savoring Georgian cuisine in cozy restaurants, and soaking in the sulfur baths that have been a draw for visitors for centuries.

The Wine Route: Kakheti Region

From Tbilisi, head east to the Kakheti region, the heart of Georgian winemaking. As you drive through lush vineyards, you’ll discover why Georgia is considered the birthplace of wine. Don’t miss a visit to Sighnaghi, a charming town surrounded by 18th-century defensive walls, and indulge in wine tastings at local wineries.

The Georgian Military Highway

For breathtaking natural beauty, embark on the Georgian Military Highway, a historic route connecting Tbilisi to the northern regions. This road will take you through the stunning Greater Caucasus Mountains, passing the Ananuri Fortress and the tranquil Zhinvali Reservoir. The highlight of this journey is the village of Kazbegi, where you can hike to the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church, framed by the towering Mount Kazbek.

Batumi: Where the Black Sea Beckons

As you make your way westward, the coastal city of Batumi awaits with its lively atmosphere and beautiful beaches along the Black Sea. Explore the Batumi Botanical Garden, stroll along Batumi Boulevard, and admire the modern architecture that has transformed this city into a seaside jewel.

Svaneti: A Taste of Mountain Culture

Venture into the remote region of Svaneti, where time seems to stand still. This highland area is famous for its ancient defensive towers and unique Svan culture. The road to Svaneti can be challenging, but the reward is the untouched beauty of the region and the opportunity to connect with the friendly locals.

The Wine Caves of Georgia

Return to the wine theme with a visit to the wine caves of Georgia, particularly in the region of Kvareli. Here, you can explore the vast networks of underground wine cellars, some of which date back thousands of years. Experience the traditional winemaking process and, of course, enjoy more wine tastings.

Back to Tbilisi: Farewell to Georgia

Return to Tbilisi for a final taste of the city’s bustle and charm as your Georgia road trip draws to a close. Reflect on your adventure over khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) and khinkali (dumplings), and think about the memories you’ve gathered along the way.

Road touring in Georgia is not just a journey of miles but a voyage through time, culture, and landscapes. It’s an opportunity to discover a country that remains authentic and unspoiled by mass tourism. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let Georgia’s enchanting beauty and warm-hearted people leave an indelible mark on your traveler’s soul.

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